Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

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Residential roofs are very important because they protect you from the outside elements and play an important role in heating and cooling your house. Failing to regularly maintain your roof can cause unexpected damages and can also increase energy costs.

Spring residential roof maintenance boosts the roof's efficiency and serviceable life.

The main thing that you need to know here is that inspecting a roof can be risky. If you don’t have the experience to carry on the exercise, you should hire a competent professional for help. Climbing the ladders and standing on the sloping surface can be dangerous. It's not for amateurs.

Here are some spring residential roof maintenance tips to consider.

1. Get a roof inspection

According to the report of BC Housing, residential owners should have their roofs completely checked at least twice a year. One of those inspections should take place in the spring, to check specifically for winter damage from things like ice dams.

The specialist should check the gutters, protrusions, and shingles. This ensures that your roof is in good health. If you identify open gaps during spring investigation, make sure to hire an expert to fix it.

2. Keep it clean

During spring, water droplets are not the only things that get into your gutters. Petals, seeds, buds, and pods will probably get in through your roof along with hail, rain, and wind. Removing anything that obstructs the gutters is crucial to great roof health.

3. Let your house breathe

Lack of proper ventilation can bring mold, and ice accumulation. Any problems with how air circulates through your attic and roof can cause multiple problems in your house.

When you have roof inspection twice a year, make sure that your attic vents are working properly and the attic is checked to confirm that your home is having proper air circulation.

If you're ready for your spring roof inspection and some residential roof maintenance, contact us. Roofs are our business.

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