Maintenance Program for Commercial Roofs

Roof Maintenance Programs

Commercial roofing systems endure a lot of stress from the elements: rain, snow, hail, wind, temperature fluctuations and UV radiation. These take years off the life of your roof. Neglecting to maintain a roof causes larger, costlier repairs or even roof replacements. Potential health and safety violations become an issue, and some warranties require regular maintenance to take place to remain valid.

0102.jpgEstablishing an ongoing maintenance program is crucial to improving a roof’s performance and increasing its longevity. Langley-based Harvard Roofing & Sheet Metal professionally inspects, cleans and repairs commercial roofs as part of a regular maintenance program. This protects your building by preventing or addressing problems before they become serious.

Snow removal on low-slope and flat roofs is a crucial part of maintenance in winter months. Accumulations of more than 10” may cause drains to ice over and become blocked. When this happens, flat roofs become swimming pools with immense weight bearing down on the structure below. To prevent damage, we open and clean the drains, and shovel channels in the snow to allow water to flow to the drains.

A regular maintenance program includes:

  • Professional inspections carried out by Harvard’s skilled and experienced roofers
  • A standardized checklist to be sure nothing is missed
  • Documentation of dates of installation, inspections and repairs, repair locations, trouble-spot locations and pictures
  • Inspection of the interior for water stains on ceilings, walls and window frames, raised areas due to water damage, rust on structural components and any evidence of mould or mildew
  • Inspection of the exterior for buckling, bubbling, rot or gapping, pooling water or cracked seams
  • Checks for damaged caulking, masonry, gutters and drains, as well as detailed inspection of flashing around skylights, vents, HVACs, antennae, chimneys, domes, walls, etc.
  • Cleaning of debris and making all necessary repairs
  • Snow removal

Regular maintenance on your commercial roof should be done by roofing professionals. Harvard Roofing & Sheet Metal are #1 in the industry for maintenance and repairs! We are RCABC members, have our COR safety certification and our work is guaranteed.

If you have any questions or would like a free estimate on a maintenance program for your commercial roof, contact Harvard Roofing & Sheet Metal at 604-530-1818. Locally owned and operated, we’ve been serving Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, the entire Lower Mainland, and Fraser Valley for nearly 50 years.

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